Tier44 Technologies, Inc. Announces Integration of the New Starline Critical Power Monitor with Its Award Winning Em/5 Data Center Monitoring Solution

Tier44 Technologies' EM/5 and STARLINE CPM integrate to provide complete solution for data center power monitoring

Tier44 Technologies, Inc. the leading Holistic Data Center Management solutions provider today unveiled its latest update to EM/5, its award winning data center monitoring solution, with direct integration of all STARLINE power meters, including the brand new Critical Power Monitor (CPM).

EM/5 is a complete, hosted data center monitoring solution, which brings real-time and historical metrics to data center operators. With the ability to leverage existing asset databases and metering infrastructure, EM/5 dramatically cuts the time and expense traditionally experienced when deploying a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.

With the data center/mission critical market’s growing need for energy efficiency, energy monitoring systems are more important than ever. This is the reason Universal Electric Corporation decided to create the STARLINE CPM.  This device has an enhanced monitoring package that will enable the monitoring, integration and displaying of more data center power information easily and reliably, and is calibrated to meet ANSI Revenue Grade Standards for power usage.

Tier44’s EM/5 combined with the STARLINE CPM will make it easy for data center operators to get continuous metrics across the data center wherever STARLINE Track Busway is installed. Alerts, phase balancing details and trending information along with the correlation of power consumption at the busway with racks and IT equipment are essential to maximize the capacity of the IT infrastructure without risk of circuit overloads. Clemens Pfeiffer, President and CEO of Tier44 Technologies stated, “These new monitors are great, they support the right interfaces for easy integration and provide the data we are looking for when instrumenting a data center. “

The STARLINE CPM has a rich feature set that provides the necessary functionality to manage power information for any installation, and is configured to offer fast and easy implementation in a data center or mission critical facility.  The CPM provides this granular information because it is a true power monitor. You will be able to see your amperage draw per phase and system voltage, and calculated values for apparent power, reactive power, and kilowatt per hour usage (kWh).
Mark Swift, Director of Marketing for Universal Electric Corporation stated, "This is a great extension for our products, having an integrated monitoring system already validated for our end users. By providing the ability to see power consumption across the full power tree, and correlating it with IT equipment utilization, you can better understand the true power footprint of your data center environment. These tools provide the means to accomplish this necessary task."

About Universal Electric
Universal Electric Corporation (UEC), a pioneer in electrical power distribution since 1924, is a world leader in the development of customizable power distribution systems. Industry innovators for more than 85 years, the company’s premium, flexible products are designed to fit the electrical power needs of any business in any industry. One of the only companies dedicated exclusively to flexible power distribution products, Universal Electric’s award-winning STARLINE and U-S Safety Trolley products have revolutionized electrical power distribution in data centers, industrial manufacturing facilities, retail chains and grocery stores worldwide. For more information, visit: www.uecorp.com.

About Tier44 Technologies (www.tier44.com)
Tier44 Technologies is a leading developer of Data Center Management software for large enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers. Tier44's solutions provide visibility, intelligence, analytics and automation to help CIOs, IT directors, and facilities managers to dynamically optimize capacity, and manage service levels and power consumption within and across data centers. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the company is privately held.

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