Tier44 Launches EM/8 Data Center Management for ServiceNow Store

New Cloud Application, Tier44 EM/8, Delivers Data Center Monitoring and Management powered by the ServiceNow Platform

Tier44 Technologies, Inc. today released EM/8 on the newly launched ServiceNow store, empowering organizations to enhance and optimize the way they work through service management. Integrated with the ServiceNow platform, Tier44 EM/8 provides data center monitoring and management services to ServiceNow users.

EM/8 is a complete, hosted data center monitoring solution, which brings real-time and historical metrics to ServiceNow customers, with the ability to leverage existing asset and configuration databases, dramatically cutting the time and expense traditionally experienced in deploying a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.

The ServiceNow Store is a commercial enterprise application marketplace that allows customers to purchase and download a broad-range of third-party applications and integrations to improve their IT and business operations. Using the ServiceNow Store, customers have easy access to apps that consumerize their employees’ service experience, automate workflows across departments, integrate IT operations and deliver performance analytics.  By unleashing the power of service management across the enterprise on one platform, organizations can improve efficiency and lower the cost of service delivery.

The ServiceNow Store was unveiled today at Knowledge15, ServiceNow’s annual global user conference.

"Using EM/8, ServiceNow customers can experience a working DCIM solution in a matter of hours, demonstrating value in just a few days," said Clemens Pfeiffer, President and CEO, Tier44 Technologies. "The significant time and expense traditionally associated with deploying a DCIM solution is virtually eliminated, removing the biggest barrier to DCIM adoption."

In addition to simplicity of deployment, EM/8’s certified integration with ServiceNow introduces advancements in ease-of-use, metric aggregation, mobility and navigation. Key features include:

  • ServiceNow Integrated GUI - EM/8 presents information in the ServiceNow user interface. For example, a simple click on a ServiceNow asset instantly displays the relevant live metrics, while an EM/8 menu section gives access to graphical map, plan and views, with features such as drill-down navigation and status indication.
  • Real-time Measurements – EM/8 collects, manages and analyzes real-time measurement data from facilities and IT equipment across data centers, turning it into useful business information for making decisions in real time about improving efficiency, capacity and performance of the data center. All data collection is done using virtual out-of-band monitoring appliances without the need of installing software on any of the customer equipment.
  • Aggregations - EM/8 allows collections of metrics from any source to be combined, displayed and stored as a stand-alone metric, such as aggregating power metrics from each rack in a given row or from all the devices used for a particular application. Aggregations are unlimited, can be built in a hierarchy, and are ideal for charge backs and analysis.
  • Alerting – Based on the data collected, EM/8 can generate alerts, notify users and administrators and automatically create appropriate trouble tickets within ServiceNow.
  • Smartphone App – By simply scanning the asset tag barcode of a particular device, users can immediately see its live metrics on their smartphone. This feature helps onsite people to verify the status of equipment prior to performing maintenance activities.
  • Asset Synchronization - EM/8 automatically synchronizes with ServiceNow configuration items, avoiding the need for manual entry or updating. Synchronization is fully configurable, both in the selection of items to be replicated and for the transform of individual fields. Customer definable templates allow common fields to be pre-populated for a given asset configuration.
  • Holistic Power Management – When enabled, users can directly from within ServiceNow shutdown and startup servers, and other IT equipment, complete applications and virtual system and even shift applications dynamically from one data center to another.

For more information on the ServiceNow Store, visit: https://store.servicenow.com/

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 About Tier44 Technologies 
Tier44 Technologies is a leading developer of Data Center Management software for large enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers. Tier44's solutions provide visibility, intelligence, analytics and automation to help CIOs, IT directors, and facilities managers to dynamically optimize capacity, and manage service levels and power consumption within and across data centers. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the company is privately held.

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