Data Center Capacity - Actual power consumption vs. nameplate value; By Val Sokolov

This paper is about data center capacity planning and the impact from using actual power consumption vs nameplate or derated nameplate values. The paper, published by Tier44, was written by Val Sokolov, who managed R&D data centers operations and capacity planning at Brocade and VMware and is currently with eBay.

Val Sokolov wrote this paper and published it on linkedin. For those who prefer a pdf file, Tier44 published it for everyone to download from our website.

Download document

Tier44 also created a specific bench test environment to perform the necessary measurements as outlined in the paper. The measurement software is also integrated with ServiceNow to make sure test results are seamlessly integrated into the ServiceNow configuration management. If you are interested to setup your own test bench, please contact Tier44 for a demonstration.