Tier44 Technologies, Inc.
Tier44 Technologies, Inc.
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Industry: Computers and Software

Founded: 2014

Tier44 Technologies is a leading developer of Data Center Management software for large enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers. Tier44's solutions provide visibility, intelligence, analytics and automation to help CIOs, IT directors, and facilities managers to dynamically optimize capacity, and manage service levels and power consumption within and across data centers. By utilizing Tier44’s award winning products, data centers, owners, and operators can achieve ultimate application reliability using holistic data center management rather than isolated facility and IT hardware modules.

By supporting a two step approach, first monitoring and baselining the existing configuration and in a second step, automating standard operating procedures using sophisticated runbooks, the implementation and rollout is seamless, non-intrusive and fast. Furthermore, by being able to shift applications from one data center to another at a moment’s notice, and by adjusting hardware capacity for applications dynamically, a new level of application management possibilities opens up, which will increase application reliability, while reducing overall cost and energy waste.  Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the company was founded by former Power Assure employees and is privately held.