Tier44 Technologies, Inc.
Tier44 Technologies, Inc.
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Industry: Computers and Software

Founded: 2014

Tier44 is a Premier ServiceNow Technologie Partner and together, ServiceNow and Tier44 deliver the ultimate Datacenter Management (DCIM) solution to make your data center work flow.

Use Tier44 EM/8 to extend ServiceNow to visualize your CMDB and monitor your data center, facilities and IT equipment. View floor plans, racks, rows and maps. Collect, view and analyse virtually any metrics including power consumption, temperature and utilization from IT assets, virtual servers, applications and facilities equipment, at any scale, from a single rack through a globally deployed multi-data center infrastructure. Create unlimited aggregations by location, application or any of your required groupings for real-time viewing, reporting and chargebacks. Navigate directly from within ServiceNow Configuration Items (assets) or drill down visually through floor plans, maps and rack elevation views. You configure it all within the ServiceNow CMDB. No synchronization with another CMDB, no second data source, no multiple places for your configuration details.

Tier44 compliments ServiceNow ITOM, ITSM and ITAM functionality, adding DCIM specific features and functionality to whats also known as a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). There is no duplicate functionality, no overlap and its tightly integrated with incident, problem and event management amongst all the other great features provided by ServiceNow.​